The bigger trivia

Jon Allen

"The Big Trivia is a wonderful way to showcase any type of presentation in a fun and interactive way. Take the time to learn it and you will have a powerful tool at your disposal."

The big trivia is not an effect.

It is something that you can add to your show as a mentalist, a magician, MC or anything like that.
It gives you the ability to sell another product to your client (some people sell books after the show, curse etc.)
The game is presented on a big screen.
It is a PowerPoint presentation, in which each slide presents a question regarding the information the audience has just heard.
The questions are based on the information the company wants to convey and emphasize. Thus, the marketing message is being repeated in a fun way, having all viewers listening carefully and concentrating, because they all want to win.
The game can be about the Bar-Mitzva boy or about the CEO that is going to retire
or about a new product launch or about anything else.

Everyone in the audience use their cell phones in order to participate. No special software required. Any phone will do.
Add extra 10-15 minutes to your show with something completely different from mentalism or magic.
This idea was invented by me many years ago and is used by many top mentalists and magicians
around the world.
If you are a corporate worker then it’s for you.
I release it for sale every few years to keep it for the real workers.
There is a big difference between the Bingo game and the big trivia:
The Bingo game has no message, has no meaning
the Trivia is
1>about the people
2>about the company
3>about the messages the company wants to deliver

It uses a big screen to demonstrate beautiful PowerPoint slides.
You don't need to print anything.

The final result is not about fooling the audience!!!

The final result is clever, with the help of the cell phones.

There is no connection to the Bingo game...
(the Bingo game is nice but is just a gag with no real value...)

If you do the Bingo game then you can change now to the Big Trivia and get value for yourself and for your audience!